Love in a Handful of Dust
by Kirk Ramdath

Published by Frontenac House.
Poetry, ISBN 978-1-897181-47-8, 80 pages, Paperback, 6″ x 9″, $16

Love in a Handful of Dust is a sensuous, provocative collection of
poems; an homage to the power of love; a celebration of the women
in our lives; a soulful exaltation of the value of free speech; a
meditation on the pleasures of physical love.

These poems explore the geographies of the heart and body, and the
actual geographies of places as distant as Trinidad and Tobago and
Calgary, Canada, and as vast as Canada itself. Poems take you on
train rides to Montreal, hiking trails in Kananaskis, and to oceans and
rainforests Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

Love in a Handful of Dust is a visceral emotional and intellectual
journey; a coming of age tale in poems. These poems make a
powerful argument -- too powerful for some -- but one that provokes
thought, feeling, and dialogue.

It is a manifesto of love; a call for revolution.

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Sample Poem

night moves

we move in the night
escaping the ghosts that haunt our boots
our heads shorn like penitent monks
to distract the heavy gaze
of the face inside the mirror
love is a game of roulette
we are dizzy from the spin
of thinking love is a game
to lose or win
clad in second-hand finery,
we both play the bullfighter
one hand dances the red cloth
the other is poised to strike
not with a sword, but an embrace
the moment pretence falls away
the vulnerable pulse is revealed
the nakedness of thirst
i hold you like you are going away
but i am the one evaporating
becoming a whisper
until the silence of the space between us
becomes a secluded stage
until the sound of two drums
plays a secret rhythm
syncretizing into the first movement
of symphonic sensuality
you let me drink from your well
till i weep, and lift my voice to you
you stop me, saying you prefer
my kisses to my song
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Love in a Handful of Dust
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