Love in a Handful of Dust
by Kirk Ramdath

Published by Frontenac House.
Poetry, ISBN 978-1-897181-47-8, 80 pages, Paperback, 6″ x 9″, $16

Links to Media Sources

"Miracles of everyday love and life." Review by Indrani Kar in
FFWD Weekly, August 18, 2011. Calgary, Alberta.

"Poets work linked to his love of women." Interview by Eric
Volmers in
Calgary Herald, Sunday, October 2, 2011.
Calgary, Alberta.

"Kirk Ramdath, poet", Your Face Here column, October 4,
2012 in FFWD Weekly. Calgary, Alberta

"Top-five books of poetry". Calgary Herald Swerve,
December 16, 2011

Comments About the Book

"Ramdath’s dust is an incendiary device in mid-ballet. He is
destroying the world as he saves it."
- Bob Holman, Bowery
Poetry Club, New York.

"Ramdath addresses social issues and dreams of a world
without hatred or separation between people. His poetry
lives in a world of change in which humanity is the most
important concern. These poems are precise, finely crafted,
and live on the page as well as the stage."
-Sheri-D Wilson,
The Mama of Dada.
Love in a Handful of Dust
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