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-Love in a Handful of Dust- by Kirk Ramdath
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onion of love

by kirk ramdath

i am an infinite onion
of love for you
peel back one layer
underneath, there’s more love
i don’t just love you
i love loving you
i don’t just love loving you
i love loving loving you
the universe is so big
when it’s cut in half
each half is as big as the original universe
if you cut my love in half
and share it between two of you
there won’t be just as much love for each of you
there’ll be more
because in the time it takes to cut my love in two
i’ll already have tripled the love i feel for you
but you’ll never hear me say
my favourite letter is w
i’m still reeling from the revelation there is one of you
if anything, i wish that there was double me
so i can kiss your neck while i kiss your feet
or maybe i should wish for three
so i can kiss your stomach while i kiss your knee
while the third me does the dishes
and wishes
that three of me
are five hundred, or more
an army of kirks, fighting for love, not war
i’ll be kissing the small of your back
and your thigh
while seven of me pick up litter
nine plant trees
ten teach kids how to read
and twelve go overseas to sign peace treaties
to bring the military industrial complex to its knees
because you’re so beautiful,
nothing ugly can exist
not in the world
not inside me
since i’ve loved you
i don’t even get angry
you changed my life for the better
but that’s a topic for another poem
or four
right now you’re thinking
whoa whoa whoa whoa
to the idea of me times five hundred, or more
your love is divine
my arms will never lie
i’d rather die
when you’re with me
i get high
not just from the joints we smoke together
the sight of you —
magic elixir
the sound of your voice —
marvelous potion
the memory of you —
an ocean of pleasure
specifically, a beach near ucluelet
where the sun is always setting
but never sets
i wake from that dream,
stare at the ceiling for an hour
not believing the power of your smile
to make every moment worthwhile
to make me feel the greatest thing i can do
is bring an ounce of happiness to you  
i don’t know where we’ll stand
once this path moves us through
i am an infinite onion
of love for you

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onion of love
Love in a Handful of Dust: onion of love
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