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Love in a Handful of Dust: thoughtwave
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-Love in a Handful of Dust- by Kirk Ramdath
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by kirk ramdath

back in the real world
the calling system is automated
and we are all on hold
the bank tells us
that it needs the money
the bank’s thugs have guns
they try to stop you if you run
a red light

forget about the next day, brother
says a sea anemone in a tidal pool
i cannot argue with such a terrible mouth
so i forget everything

thinking of nothing
the world makes sense —
not enough, equality
not enough, an end to poverty
not only separation of church and state
not only the eradication of hate
all of this, not enough
not on a global scale
not only all political prisoners out of jail
not just freedom
but freedom exquisite
not just a life
but the right to live it
everyone, everywhere
in our time
- 11 -
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