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Love in a Handful of Dust: bliss
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-Love in a Handful of Dust- by Kirk Ramdath
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by kirk ramdath

a long time now
since we talked and kissed for hours
over unfinished martinis
at the vicious circle
since you sat on my lap
at the 7th street c-train station
drunken making out
as trains came and went
or we lay in bed
on a morning that went on and on…

we must get up!
but first – just one more kiss
one more taste
of your exquisite lips
ripe fruit
i want to suck
your supple sweetness
i want to sup
on your sun-grown perfection
palpable, delicious lips
succulence that i must kiss —
what time? eight forty!
i have to be at work!
come on, we have to get up
why are you just lying in bed
staring at me
with those deep coves of green water
that you call eyes —
i am glad i never learned to swim
for the pleasure of drowning
in the jade lustre
of your eyes —
you take my hand
you show me
how wet you are
so wet
my brain melts
your nectar —
so thick,
i have to lick
you taste so sweet
i want more to eat
no more from life
i want than this —
your pussy to kiss,
your bliss on my lips
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