Published August 17, 2020

Unrequited Love

by Progress John Attat
(Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria)
Nigeria Poetry Magazine - "Unrequited Love" by Progress John Attat
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Unrequited Love

Unrequited love
Is a phenomenon,
One I’m experiencing right now.
I sit waiting for just a little attention from you
With all of mine on you,
yet my attention is not reciprocated.

I want you to notice me,
To care about me,
To be nice to me,
To love me and show it,
But I guess all these will only remain
Wants and nothing else.

It’s so sad that I love you so dearly
Yet you don’t notice me, you don’t love me.
This is my case,
My case of Unrequited Love!

The author of the poem, Progress John Attat is a Nigerian citizen,
resident in the city of Port Harcourt, Rivers State and currently doing
an International Foundation Year in Brookstone school, Port Harcourt.
She attended International Unity School, Warrri, Delta State, where
she had her primary education then moved on to Faith Academy,
Asaba, Delta State. She is a native of Etinan Local Government
Area, Akwa Ibom State. She always had a love for reading books,
which led to her discovery of her love for writing as well. She writes
poems and quotes. She is a science student who intends to study
medicine. Instagram –

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