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Mood Trips

I want to sing about loneliness,
The lyrics clear on my tear tracks,
My voice wobbling with every sorrow on pitch,
My lungs filled with sadness,
So my breath is a whistle.
There will be no audience,
Just the gecko,
That finds solace in an empty house.
It is an irony,
That on love filled days,
The pendulum never swings,
Away from loneliness,
The clock never tocks to warmth.
All I have is the declaration,
Safe in my heart,
As I turn down,
Another invitation to hang.

My name is Molokwu Dayan, a Nigerian lady.

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Previously published in
Nigeria Poetry Magazine:
This is the first poem published in this magazine.

Published July 13, 2020

Poets of Nigeria Contest #1 - First Place

Mood Trips

by Molokwu Dayan
(Lagos, Ikotun, Nigeria)
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