Published September 7, 2020

First Place – Poets of Nigeria Contest #2

Someone's Been Living Inside Me

by Chigeru Delight
(Port-Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria)
Nigeria Poetry Magazine - "Someone's Been Living Inside Me" by Chigeru Delight
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Someone's Been Living Inside Me

I never believed in me,
bewildered by the lustre I see now.
I tried a little shivering through fright.
I used my shortcomings as leverage to pull further back into my shell,
saw my strengths as weaknesses and successes as failures.
But amidst these axiomatic mountains of despair, there's a little voice.
A trickle of hope coming from inside me, rushing like a tributary.
"You are much more" it tells me – all it takes is belief.
Then I try to lift a barrel, but I can feel Samson's might,
the despair disappears and the fears fade away.
The bottle lid popped open and behold my shine –
endless possibilities abound.
Someone's been living inside me, another
me inside me,
A greater me revealed!

My name is Chigeru Delight, a native of Rivers State in Nigeria. I am
a second year undergraduate of animal and environmental biology in
the university of Port-Harcourt. Being a member of the Press club in
my secondary school days and visits to newspaper houses have been
of great effect on my writing. I am a deep thinker who sees a story from
all sides.

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