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"Married to the Devil" by Divine Ehidiamhen


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Published September 1, 2022

Married to the Devil

by Divine Ehidiamhen
(Abuja, Nigeria)

You fear the lurking day he would forsake you, and you would be unable to reel your abuser back in.
You relent the day you would acknowledge your dependence on him for validation.
He manipulates you, commands you, and exploits you,
Yet you implore he would never renounce you.
You are an obliging slave to your relentless master,
You despise your persona with him, but you are oblivious to your individualism without him.
You snivel and mewl because the only world you know leaves permanent scars.
It aches to watch him depart you.
Yet it hurts to let him stay and flaw you.
You chose your poison, and now it would not stop functioning.
He is the drug to your stubborn addiction,
You loathe the feeling, but it is the only one you understand.
You lift him, though he rives you down.
Still, you can not help rescuing the reason for your unending pain.
The appalling way he makes you feel matters least
because your blind heart believes you can turn your demon into a charming prince.

My name is Divine Ehidiamhen. I'm a student who loves to read and write. I'm from Edo state, Nigeria, but I am domicile in Abuja. My goal is to inspire others and empower females. I want to be the voice for minority groups and push for the change society has been denied. I enjoy writing because it allows me to express myself, effortlessly.

This poem is included in Poetry World #4, published in the Wax Poetry and Art Library.

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