Three Poems by Steven Elliot in NYC Poetry Magazine
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Published April 16, 2018

Poetry by Steven Elliot
(New York, New York)

The Slippery
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by Steven Elliot

Politics – the sorry sport.
Where people are eaten for their views and values
Cast away for the sake of  the game of government
And those who win have the biggest teeth, sharpest claws, hottest  seat
In  Hell.


by Steven Elliot

Is competition the only way of life?
The constant strife.
The law of the knife.
The grueling dueling of the sword.
The fight forever forcing forward.
 Towards a goal tinseled and tawdry.
 Down tortuous roads leading nowhere.

The Slippery

by Steven Elliot

The slippery strands of life;
The seams break into pieces that can’t be put back together.
The world is narrow and negated.
The world wobbles and wiggles without foundation or function.
Freezes over into ice;
That crumbles and cracks and crunches,
And eats me for lunch.    

Steven Elliot was born into a musical and artistic family (his mother was the
first woman to get a full scholarship to Juilliard, and his grandfather was the
renowned Yiddish poet Abraham Liessin.) Steve grew up in NYC and
attended the HS of Music & Art where he studied. music. He went on to
attend Columbia School of Social Work and spent some years as an
elementary school teacher. He has written poetry all his life and is thrilled
to be included in these pages.
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