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we used to buy umbrellas

we used to buy umbrellas
for two dollars at the bodega
their sharp metal spokes barely sheathed
in the cheap fabric
hungrily awaiting their chance to draw blood

that was before the rains
could peel off civilization like an old sticker,
roofs blown inside out
stuffed into all the corner trashcans

and the last umbrellas, twisted and broken,
have taken to the sky in flocks,
they perch on branches overlooking the bodies
no longer in need of shelter,
unable to see the rainbow slowly spreading
across the dark slick on the surface
of the rising water below.

Pinny Bulman is a Bronx Council on the Arts BRIO award-winning
poet (2014) who has been the recipient of several ADR Poetry
Awards (2013, 2016) and a finalist for the Raynes Poetry Prize
(2015). His poems have appeared in a variety of literary publications,
Muddy River Poetry Review, Artemis, Pressenza
, Red Paint Hill, Poetica, The Subterranean Quarterly,
Poetry Quarterly. Pinny performed as a featured poet at the
Bronx Library Center (2015) and the Yale Club Poetry Series (2019).

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Previously published in
NYC Poetry Magazine:
Poetry by Gary Beck.

Published June 15, 2020

Poets of NYC Contest #1 - First Place

we used to buy umbrellas

by Pinny Bulman
(Bronx, New York, USA)
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