Published August 17, 2020

Playing Around With Time

by Jacques Rey Charlier
(Astoria, New York, USA)
NYC Poetry Magazine - "Playing Around With Time" by Jacques Rey Charlier
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Playing Around With Time

Playing around with time,
we found that we were
darkening a little space.
The one where, before,
your eyes used to wait
just to caress me.
The one where, before
your lips would moisten
to transport me.

Playing around with time,
I may have tried a bit too hard
to protect myself
from what was threatening
to invade my solitude.
So at long last I could
acknowledge these hands
which asked only for a little
space in which to work
and a little more sleep
with which to protect us
from the irony of the poor.

Playing around with time,
and wind.
So we could explore everything
outside of us
in every measurable dimension.
Our shadows which dare
to move with impenitent time,
with indissoluble space.
With the grace
of those tasteless jokers
who just can't refrain
from drinking up
at our dreams!

Jacques Rey Charlier , writer, poet, artist. His works written in English
and French, published in the U.S. and Europe. At present, theater  
productions broadcast on Radio France.

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