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Published December 18, 2018


by Hayley Dennis

Your laugh is Atlantis
Hidden deep beneath the sea
I set sail in a search
Hoping to be victorious
In my hunt to haul A rumble of treasure
Loose from your ocean chest

Low Tide

by Hayley Dennis

I am only a shell of the person you used to know
A shell that you bought back from you travels
To show to your friends and tell of the story of the girl you once met
A shell you tucked away to only bring out when you miss
The sun and sea and places you haven’t seen in years
To be reminded of by my touch
But if you took the time to listen to me
Put you ear to my heart you would hear the sounds of the sea
And my voice that whispers I love you


by Hayley Dennis

Yesterday I burned the remains of you
Behind my apartment
In the bad part of town
I stood in the dark
As you rose to flames

It’s the last time
I would allow you
To light up my life

Hayley Dennis is a student of The University of Ottawa where she studies
Communications and Theatre Performance. She has become well versed in
physical aspects of art and expression through acting and dance, but began
writing poetry as a challenge to herself to find ways to connect visceral
feelings to emotions, and recreate them through expressive language and
stylistic choices. Hayley hopes to link the  physical feelings of joy,
heartbreak, and loss to her words, and help others find the words to
express themselves. She is currently working on creating a larger
collection of her poems to share with others and can be found online on
twitter and instagram at @hayleymdennis.

Poetry by Hayley Dennis
(Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)

Low Tide
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