Published August 17, 2020

I Wait For Them Here

by Rosa Arlotto
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
Ottawa Poetry Magazine - "I Wait For Them Here" by Rosa Arlotto
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I Wait For Them Here

They do the same thing every day
There will only be reports
That April has been cold
That it will rain
That there will be rain and more flooding.
I am hoping for mysteries
I am hoping to spit a poem.
I am always wasting my time
Their talk is all of the rare diseases
And sudden death.
Still, I wait for them here: poems that are.
Women I know so little of
Women growing old
Not seeming to care about that.
We tried, oh we tried
When we meet, you remember
Family reunions, marriage, separations
Where we have been, what we have done
Killing nostalgia with coffee and Sambuca.
The best I can do
Is maintain the routine visits
Because I do not have to mend it
What can I do to love them
Everything I have done all told
Poems repeated again and again.
Maybe it is I who went out of style
The most I can do is keep forward
Keep a steady pace,
The most they can do is turn to me
Hold each other
Bound in their caring
Trace what is real more delicately.

Rosa Arlotto graduated from UofT Erindale College in Languages.
She is the author of a novel,
The Maestro and Margherita, on e-book,
publisher: R. L.Hartley. The novel is also available in paperback on
Lulu. Rosa has also published two books of poetry,
Record of a
Modern Heart
and Flower of Poison, by Publish America.  Her work
can often be found in an online quarterly magazine,
Literary Heist.
She is currently one of the organizers of the Artbar Poetry Reading
Series and a member of TWC Co-op.

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