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What a fabulous floral!
I’ll make a new dress
for my winter vacation in Spain —
boat neck, sleeveless. Yes!

How chic: pink coins
embroidered on grey linen —
light-weight but sufficient body
for a jacket with…
black linen pants
(which I don’t have)
and a hot pink shell
(also not in my closet)
But I could whip all three up in a couple of days
Well, three weeks at most
to lay them out cut and sew

Such subtle hues
in this silk weave!
I see silver-green Capri pants
smart for drinks at dusk on the terrace
round the kidney pool

Bronze organza!
Wouldn’t this be foxy with
a salmon sheath
…the fall ballet gala?
(Really, where I’ll be that night is seated
in, but in front of a box
in jeans and a T)

Such exquisite lace for…
a dignified mother of the bride
fairy tale nuptials
proxy daughter

Wouldn’t that satin moiré
cut a fine swath at the next Brazilian Ball?
I’ll spare no expense for this event
select the most splendid fabric of all
Perhaps a vest for my escort too
Money`s no object
for a figmentary guest

A visit to Maryan`s Fabric Shop
can be trip, soirée, vacation, all three
You simply invent an elegant life
then, cut, baste and sew
swish wardrobes in your head
for your fabrications

Margaret Code’s poetry has been published in Garm Lu, Lichen, Best
American Poets
, Labour of Love, This Time Around: Coastline, Voices,
Big Pond Rumours
, and various anthologies. She has won local poetry
contests such as Hot Sauced Words and delighted in the 2015 cross-
Canada PoeTrain trip from Toronto to Vancouver. Margaret is Director
of the Art Bar Poetry Series, the longest-running, poetry-only, weekly
series in Canada and is President of the Writers’ Co-op, a Toronto
Reference Library writers’ community. Born in Ottawa and educated
at Queen’s and Harvard, Margaret now lives in Toronto.

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Previously published in
Ottawa Poetry Magazine:
"I Wait For Them Here" by Rosa Arlotto.
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Published December 31, 2020

Featured Local Poet


by Margaret Code
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
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