"Delivery" by Paul Beckman - First Place - Phoenix Photo&Fiction
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by Paul Beckman

The alley was the stereotypical one.

Stosh sat at the card table his back to the wall and waited -- a thick
envelope at the ready.

A roar of a motor scooter and in no time, the squealing of brakes in front of
the table and she swerved to face him sideways. The cyclist took off her
helmet, held it in the crook of her left arm, took the envelope from the table
and dropped it into the helmet. Stosh licked his lips and rubbed his nose,
fixated and impatient. Instead of the expected glassine envelope, when she
pulled her hand out she had her middle finger extended.

She laughed, put her helmet back on, and wheeled around and drove off.
Stosh moaned and put his head down in his arms, and wept.

Paul Beckman has four story collections, a novella and a new collection due
out in the next few months. He’s had over 350 of his stories published in
print, on line, and via audio. Paul runs the monthly FBomb NY flash fiction
reading series at KGB. He had a micro story selected for the 2018 Norton
Microfiction Anthology.
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First Place: The Monthly Flash Fiction Contest #1


by Paul Beckman
(Madison, Connecticut, USA)
Published November 30, 2017
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