"My Rabbit" by Bridget Clawson - Winner - Phoenix Photo&Fiction
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My Rabbit

by Bridget Clawson

I adopted a white rabbit with petite black circles on his back.  He came with
the name, Willie Nelson, typed on a white index card and clipped to his wire
detention cage.

Willie Nelson is constantly saying through clinched crushing teeth, “Let me
go.”  I hold him under one arm, his paws curling around my flesh. making
breathless hairpin turns like a Maserati.  His nails are perfectly transparent,
hard as quartz, poking skin of my downy forearm in thin white skid tracks.

I might wear my dead husband’s plaid flannel lumberjack shirts when I carry
him for long periods, his toenails tugging at flannel grid patterns, mimicking
what I used to do.

He nibbles his kibble, watching me fish in the freezer for frozen M&Ms.  I
recall my mother yelling at me to get out, and my father screeching out of
the driveway scary.  I always check paper bags and boxes by the side of
the road to see if they contain discarded rabbits, or kittens, or newborn

From Willie Nelson I have learned that male rabbits spray like tomcats,
vibrating with a rear foot stomping flourish.  He lets me know when he has
to go by holding his front paws together like a yogi and blinking hard at me,
asking to be restrained.

He came to me in a sort of reverent wildness.  At any moment, Willie Nelson
suddenly draws tributaries of crimson pink blood from my neck.  I try to
comfort him from the parapet of my shoulder and he likes to tend to my
wounds from that high hiding place, like a medicine god in thick white
speckled robes.   I press healing leaves of comfrey on my neck wounds and
Willie Nelson nibbles the glistening green stalks like a glossy deity between
photo shoots.  

Bridget Clawson lives and writes in Edmonds, Washington, USA.  She has
written two books on grief and loss,
The Widow Lessons and Baptized
Every Morning
, both available on Amazon.  Her poetry and flash fiction have
appeared in numerous literary journals and are posted on her facebook page,
authorbridgetclawson.  She is currently working on a book of fiction,
Brothel Keeper's Diary
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First Place: The Monthly Flash Fiction Contest #2

My Rabbit

by Bridget Clawson
(Edmonds, Washington, USA)
Published December 31, 2017
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