"Being a Dog", photo by Nihilonechoanists - Winner - Phoenix Photo&Fiction
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Phoenix Photo&Fiction - phoenixphotofiction.com
Published June 30, 2018

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Winner: The Monthly Black & White Photo Contest #5

Being a Dog

Photo by Nihilonechoanists
(Kyiv, Ukraine)
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Nihilonechoanists is a multidisciplinary artist from Ukraine, Zhytomyr, with
Fine Arts (BA) from Groningen, The Netherlands. “I like the float of all
mediums, where every skill is like having enough fingers: from poetry,

painting, photography, illustrations, sculpture, installations, new media to
music. Nihilonechoanists prose regarding Maidan events was published in
“Rising for Freedom and Democracy in Ukraine” book by Brine Books
Publishing, Canada.

Name Nihilonechoanists consists of the following concepts:
Nihil - nothing, vapor, research
on - something covering
together they form Nihilon - consciousness, place of mind that was not yet
discovered, that still needs to be uncovered
echo - memories lost in the trail of time
an - suffix denoting places, persons, faith (African, phonetician, christian,
metaphysician, etc)
together they form echoan - being of echo
is, ist - to be
s - broken infinity, all that needs to be research, felt, found, healed  

Nihilonechoanists lives and works in Kyiv, Ukraine.