"Seven Ten Split" by Paul Beckman - Winner - Phoenix Photo&Fiction
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Published March  31, 2018
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Seven Ten Split

by Paul Beckman

I crossed the street mid-block—got half-way and then the trikers came
rolling on mass with their triker latex outfits and helmets, the playing cards
clothes pinned to the spokes rat-a-tatting along ringing their bells with their
thumbs on their three wheelers in the senior Tour de Bridgeport, one of the
old-timers carried the official flag.

I saw my blind date on the sidewalk, white off-the-shoulder blouse, straw
hat stripped ribbon waving for me to cross back and go to the corner. I
started to and the 3K hop, skip, and jumpers filled the street going the
opposite way.

A shirtless hunk walked up to my date and took her hand and placed it on
his six-pack. I jumped up and grabbed a cedar tree mid-way up and bent it
and let it fling me across the street expecting to land next to them but I went
flying over the trikes, the sidewalk and landed on top of the bowling alley

I opened the roof door and took the ball return down ending up in the
middle of a tournament and was selected by the alley #4 team who were
short one person. I threw two strikes and my blind date was keeping score
and only gave me two spares which upset me.

My fingers swell when I get upset. I walked outside with the stuck bowling
ball and stepped into the street and the swelling went down and I bowled
at the trikes coming towards me and got a seven – ten split. I grabbed a
trike and jumped the lane to the 3K and came in third.

Paul Beckman has four story collections, a novella published and a new
collection, ”Kiss Kiss” due out in March 2018. He’s had over 400 of his
stories published in print, on line, and via audio. Paul’s from CT and runs
the monthly FBomb NY flash fiction reading series at KGB. He had a micro
story selected for the 2018 Norton Microfiction Anthology and was one of
the winners in the 2016 Best of Small Fictions.

Winner: The Monthly Flash Fiction Contest #4

Seven Ten Split

by Paul Beckman
(Madison, Connecticut, USA)
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