"Nocturne" by Cristina Bresser de Campos - Winner - Phoenix Photo&Fiction
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by Cristina Bresser de Campos

My house snores at night when I try to sleep. I turn off the lamp's light, the
refrigerator falls into a noisy sleep. Full of food, it sleeps heavily. I stay

Rainy night, the gutter gets cold, coughs and sneezes nonstop. It even has
a running nose. I can't sleep.

Cold evening, the roof POPs. Old wood, the joints resent – arthrosis or
arthritis. With eyes wild-opened and a fertile mind, I start searching for the
invisible thief.

Tired of insomnia, I proceed to drain my bladder. What's the point? I just
press the flush and the water tank, with its inertia interrupted, whistles
sharply. This is going to wake the next-door neighbors – thin walls, leaked

The sore neck knocks my head down. My eyelids follow its movement,
sympathetically. I sleep at last.

I dream of fire and firetrucks until I realize that the security alarm is
screaming. I turn it off fast. It was just a bird that landed where it wasn’t
supposed to. Tomorrow, I will receive a neighbor's complaint.

My dog, wrapped in blankets in front of my bed, snores as if she was
doped. The only possibility of interrupting her torpor was if I opened the
biscuits can in the kitchen.

Dawn, and the live house hibernates. Now is my chance, I'm going to sleep.

¬ POFT! The newspaper has lands clumsy on my porch.

I am Brazilian, fluent in English, Spanish, and intermediate French. I am
graduated by Universidade Federal do Parana in Graphic Design. I already
have two published books, both in Portuguese:
Torre de Papel (Paper
Tower) in 2015 - short stories anthology with other authors.
Quase tudo é
(Almost Everything is Laughable) a novel, Nov 2016. I studied
Creative Writing at University of Edinburgh in 2016. I have some short
stories and poems published in English by American, British, Greek and
Indian literary magazines including Northern Light, 121 Words, The
University of Edinburgh Journal,  and Flight Writing.
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First Place: The Monthly Flash Fiction Contest #3


by Cristina Bresser de Campos
(Curitiba, Parana, Brazil)
Published January  31, 2018
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