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Published May 31, 2018
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Love at First Sight

by Srijani Ganguly

I remember the day he bought me. I was still sleeping, of course. I had
nothing else to do. Awake, I usually spent my time keeping up with the time
and temperature. Anyway, the day he picked me up I was still sleeping.
For some reason he didn’t switch me on to check if I was working properly.
I never knew why he didn’t do that.

When I woke up, finally, I was greeted by the most beautiful face I have
ever seen. They always tell you at the factory not to grow too attached to
the owners, for you cannot always be with them. And they will, for sure,
swap you for a newer and prettier model in the future. But I couldn’t help it.
It was love at first sight.

For the first one week, he was very attentive towards me. He constantly
checked if I was okay. He even bought me a nice suit, which was entirely
black and went well with my sleek features. But then one day things
started to go awry, and I got the feeling he was already bored of me.


“That’s one of those personalised phones, isn’t it?,” Roy asked Tim.

“Yeah,” Tim replied. “It knows everything about me. It’s pretty cool.”

“I’ve heard it’s pretty creepy, actually. They say it’s programmed to ‘love’
its owner. It sounds like it’s alive...” Roy said, as he picked up the phone.
“Hey, it’s switched off. Turn it back on, I want to see its features.”

Tim connected the phone to a charger and switched it on. The moment he
did so, the screen came to life and a flurry of digital hearts invaded the

Roy looked at Tim’s shocked face, and said, “Told you.”

Srijani Ganguly: I work as a journalist with a Delhi-based media house in
India. Since I'm in the features department, I get to write about the creative
side of life -- from art to books, and from food to travel. I love to read
science fiction as well as historical fiction (set during WWII), but I have a
soft spot for Agatha Christie's novels. Nothing better to curl up in bed with
a Christie mystery in hand.

Winner: The Monthly Flash Fiction Contest #6

Love at First Sight

by Srijani Ganguly
(Noida, Utter Pradesh, India)
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