She is My Sister

Fiction by Aniela Antonovich
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I look up, sky, my head wobbles, settles still, moss beneath, blood slips
from my lips. River’s rushing by. Wonder where my sister is. Dez? We
always protect each other, lookout forever, but Assiniboine streets are cold,
hard not to get separated when you’re trying to make dinner. Pimps are
cruel, trick you, say you’re safer, so we stay free, keep our jobs tight and
quick, tuck stash into our purses, tax free, us lucky Canadian’s.  

Never met our dad, Mum told us he was real handsome, like a Gap model,
but he couldn’t stop wandering, burned in his blood. Couldn’t blame him.
Weren’t taught to hate him, just always wondered. Is that you, is that you,
Daddy? Mum had lots of boys lookin’ after her, too many. Too many boys
for a pretty lady, too many drinks, too many pipes. Love the smell of rum
but I’ll always hate the smell of crack, telltale teeth rot, white lips,
ultra-glassy eyes. When rum was there it was mellow, mellow love. Our
Mum loved us, but she disappeared, gone up, spirals in the sky, a wisp.
Then all we had was each other. And those boys, all those guys didn’t
forget us, they saw us, coming up, starting to be curvy and sexy and no
place to go. Forget foster care. Figured out real fast a hand job buys two
burgers and fries, good weed earns a spot on the couch for the night. Me
and Dezzy learned trades crazy fast.

Don’t wanna close my eyes, but can’t help it. Where’s Dezzy? Eyes close,
open, close, it’s bright, so white, so. I’m gonna die out here, real soon.
Feel like my bones are gone, feel weightless, no, just wanna see Dez, hold
her, I’m gonna start floating, all gone, light.

Aniela Antonovich is a Calgarian committed to slashing through media's multi-
faceted truth to reveal life's daily lies.  She is a winner of NaNoWriMo 2014,
writing a 51,000 word novel in 23 days, and has previously published poetry
Wax Poetry & Art Magazine.

Photography by Patrice M. Charles.

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Published June 14, 2015