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In the childhood of time, they lived their separate lives, the sea, damp and
cool, and the land, dry and warm; and they loved each other in silence. And
once, in the moonlight, the sea cradled the waves, and rocked them gently to
shore, whispering:  “There are secrets”; and the shore replied:  
I know them

Thus the night passed; and in the morning’s light the shore held to its breast
the risen tide and said to it “You may go; but always, always, you must take
me with you, and we shall, in time, become as the day and the night, forever
changing, forever becoming one.” Thus, by the sun, did the tide go out,
carrying with it grains of sand, and laid them, softly, to rest (as lovers shall)
beneath its rising and falling; by the moon, the tide returned to caress again
the shore’s sweeping body and, lapping gently, drew to its coolness the
warmth of the heated land; until, at last, time became old and the sea and
the shore became one.

Evan Guilford-Blake writes plays, fiction, poetry and creative non-fiction. His
prose has appeared in numerous print and online journals as well as several
anthologies, won 20 contests and received two Pushcart Prize nominations.
His novel Noir(ish) is published by Penguin; Holland House issued his short
story collection American Blues. Both are available on most e-booksellers’
sites. His plays have been produced internationally. Collectively, they have
won 42 playwriting competitions; 30 are published in acting and/or trade
editions. He and his wife (and inspiration) Roxanna, a healthcare writer and
jewelry designer, live in the Atlanta area.

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Published June 14, 2015
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