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Fiction by Holly Schofield
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The VR programmers had really improved. Greg's headgear felt just like
regular eyeglasses. The initial stages of this new game followed familiar
lines: waking up at gunpoint, accused of being a double agent, tied to a chair
for questioning.

Greg began the expected denials while he looked for flaws in the faces of
the smirking inquisitor and his burly henchman. None. Perfect imagery.

He should show his appreciation for this amazing game with a generous
Paypal donation. No time like the present. He took off his glasses.

Funny, he was still in the room. The henchman raised his fist.

Holly Schofield's work has appeared in many publications including
Lightspeed, Crossed Genres, and Tesseracts. For more of her work, see

"Prelude to a Slap" by Hermine Robinson.

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Published June 14, 2015
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