The Door

Fiction by Patrice M. Charles
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She jams her fingers into the desk, taking side glances behind her. As she
begins to turn her head, shivers break out like hives, like soft drink bubbles
shooting toward the surface to escape. This frightful feeling beginning to
stare at her – from behind.

“It is wrong to sit with one’s back to the door.” It isn’t superstition, only a
fact. The door sees what Josephine cannot. Penetrating her every fibre. The
door whispers to the imaginary eyes behind her head – Do you feel better,
now that you can see me?

Her eyes beg those around her. The seconds are moving. Heartbeat
quickening. “It is not right to sit with one’s back to the door.” Whose voice
was that? Her mother’s? The priest’s? Funny how one voice can fit so easily
into another’s throat, void of unique tone and pitch. Did Josephine steal each
of those words from another’s mouth and string them together, like a child
learning to talk? The words did not make sense at first, jumbled mess. But
she arranged them: “One’s back should not be turned to a door.”

The eyes around her feign interest in her predicament, but are inwardly
laughing. Where did this phobic girl come from? Josephine searches blank
faces, silently pleading. Finally, one person takes pity after a period of silent
tension. The door sighs in disbelief, how could she leave? The switch is
being made. The door had claimed Josephine as his own. And Josephine,
now relieved and triumphant, smiles sweetly at the new victim as she stands

For Patrice M. Charles, expression is born out of spontaneous bursts of
inspiration. Her writing is generally influenced by nature, as well as existential
and introspective matters. Her style is terse and while highly personal, her
pieces are often open to interpretation.

She has been published in the
viBrant ARTS Ezine by Poetic Vibes Arts
Foundation which is available online. Other work has been placed in
- an important anthology of Caribbean female writers by Bamboo Talk

Explore more of Patrice's work at

"She is My Sister" by Aniela Antonovich.

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Published June 14, 2015