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San Francisco Bay MK-ULTRA Program

Unwitting PTA moms,
alongside compelled prisoners
and students like me looking for highs

were CIA guinea pigs
back in the 60’s when gov’t
pigs had not yet declared LSD illegal.

Some of us jumped from
windows like flying pigs, plotzing
forever into plots of highbrow paranoia.

Oy, after drinking more Kool-Aid
while working at Menlo Park’s VA
Hospital, Ken Kesey made a groovy living

Flew Over Cuckoo’s Nest
about certified crazies while also spiking
punch at Grateful Dead Fillmore acid tests.

Gerard Sarnat is a retired physician who has built and staffed
homeless and prison clinics. He was also a Stanford professor
and healthcare CEO. As a writer, he has won First Place in Poetry
in the Arts Award, the Dorfman Prize, been nominated for a handful
of recent Pushcart and Best of the Net Awards, published four
collections and appeared in Stanford, Johns Hopkins, Harvard,
Pomona, Brown, Columbia, Wesleyan, University of Chicago
periodicals as well as in Gargoyle, Main Street Rag, American
Journal Poetry, and others.

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Previously published in
San Francisco Poetry Magazine:
Poetry by Gerard Sarnat.

Published June 22, 2020

Poets of the Bay Area Contest #1 - First Place

San Francisco Bay MK-ULTRA Program

by Gerard Sarnat
(Portola Valley, California, USA)
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