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There are two ways to subscribe to Wax Poetry and Art.

Free Subscription

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Paid Subscription

Support the maintenance and growth of Wax Poetry and Art by
purchasing a subscription.

Paid Subscription Types

Currently there are three levels for paid subscriptions, available as a
one time payment for a 12 month subscription or a recurring annual
payment. You may cancel the recurring payment through your PayPal
account at any time, or let us know. We do not offer refunds.

The three levels of paid subscription are Supporter, Sustainer, and
Facilitator. Supporters are listed on the Home page. Sustainers are
listed on the Home page and the Submissions page. Facilitators are
listed on the Home page, Submissions page, and the Index page of
new issues. For Facilitators, your name remains on the Index pages
perpetually, and can be viewed whenever previous issues are viewed,
even if you stop being a subscriber. Paid subscribers may also choose
to remain anonymous.

If you are a writer, artist, blogger, or small business owner, we can list
your book, website, or business name instead of your name, including
a link. Some restrictions apply. Subscribers also receive a 10%
reduction on current advertising rates. If you choose this option, your
subscription counts as an advertising purchase and is a 100% tax
deductible business expense.

The email address you provide will also be added to our email list to
keep you informed of new issues and contests.

Supporter - $20

Sustainer - $35

Facilitator - $55

Pay by Cheque

If you prefer to purchase a subscription by cheque, send a cheque in
the specified amount, payable to "Kirk Ramdath", to the following

Wax Poetry and Art
512, 919 Centre Street NW
Calgary, Alberta T2E 2P6

Please include a document listing your email address so that we may
contact you to confirm other details.

Please contact us at if you have any questions
about subscribing to
Wax Poetry and Art.
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