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Published December 23, 2018


by L. T. Garvin

When she handed me war
and made my journey long
then I rested
lone and weary
under heartless
willow trees.
I could see destruction
painted up like a trollop
and boats half sunk
a country now adrift
in a sea of disorder
the barks of trees
do not lie.
Marking your cautious existence
breathing the air of tragedy
unlace those combat boots
that mar you feet
and throw them
far down the river rapids
spewing frothy white
entombing the martyrs
the brainwashed, the lost
the sum total of
an unraveling war machine.


by L. T. Garvin

Stay with me awhile
and I will flounder
dig a trench for both of us

Stay with me awhile
my darkness will come
like a cautious shadow
and multiply my fears

Stay with me awhile
and I will succumb
as I always have

Stay with me awhile
and help disguise my distress
mask the tenuous pain
sweet bitterness
the ones I've left behind
the ones I have deserted
the ones I never deserved

Stay with me awhile
as time festers
and love births hate
talk me out of madness
tempt the Tides of Fate

Stay with me awhile
with empty promises
as life's taste turns tart
Stay with me awhile
and I will break your heart

Rock God

by L. T. Garvin

When you play sometimes
in the key of E
crafting lyrics that distort the truth
those six strings
echoing out
pounding out
raucous riffs
running down the neck
tight harmonics
Sometimes separation comes
in between
those six strings
sometimes at night
the gap in the middle of the bed
is a deep grave of agony
harboring unvanquished dreams
you needing to drink
from the skulls of your enemies
doling out those pulsating rhythms
hypnotizing me into believing
your own theories
tackling the solo fret board
behind the head
wrestling ego from the stage
Fingers work quick sentiments
into anger
your place on the dais seized
resentment magnified
How did I land
between you and those six strings?
Daring to touch the music,
tame the beat as you rush along
tumbling headlong
into the ever fading limelight

L.T. Garvin is the pen name of Lana Broussard. Her short stories have
appeared in print with the Texas Writer's Journal. She has published poetry
The Drabble, Poet's Corner, Silver Burch Press, and Wildsound
Poetry Festival
. L.T. writes fiction, poetry, essays, and humor that she
publishes on her blog:
L.T. Garvin @ Wordpress. L.T. Garvin is the
author of
Confessions of a 4th Grade Athlete, Animals Galore, and
Dancing with the Sandman.

Poetry by L. T. Garvin
(Wichita Falls, Texas, USA)

Rock God
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