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Published June 18, 2016
Studying Wind (Namibia Stone)

You would study how wind
Eats the heart of stones,
Sculpting mystery.
And I am the mire and menace of words
Willing want. Willing lust. Willing tenderness.
You would listen to amber, translating sand.
I hunger.
Stark naked in desert nights.
Nights attuned, too, to how stones speak.
I streak across your soul’s whisper of my name,
Transformed from weary wanderer to daring dervish dancer.
Spying your scent lingering upon my thighs.
What if souls never die, but rather slowly, slowly
Remember how to mine veins of unkempt promises of love?
And only love. No matter if it is to dust
to which our flesh returns.

Poetry by Margot Van Sluytman

Studying Wind (Namibia Stone)
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Night frets, wriggling her way into
Our secluded den of loving.
Of light.

You purr.
I sip tea.

A world of wonders awaits
As swollen love sashays in.
Simply styled. Alert.
She who warns, wars, warms,
Takes your fingers
Leading them into my palms.

As worlds spin, sighing with
Black holes of want, of worry,
You put my palms upon your
Beating chest.

All is right this tender night.
Naught is fraught and too, too frightening.

Margot Van Sluytman is an award-winning expressive writing teacher,
mentor, restorative justice advocate, and public speaker. She is invited to
teach and give talks  and workshops about how expressive writing is a rich
process of healing and transformation, by reclaiming, respecting, and living
our precious voice. Her books include:
Sawbonna: I See You, A Real Life
Restorative Justice Story
; The Other Inmate: Mediating Justice-Mediating
Hope, Poetry and Writing Workbook for Restorative Practices (English and
; Layers of Possibility: Healing Poetry from The Members of The
National Association for Poetry Therapy, Foreword by Dr. Robert Carroll,
; Dance With Your Healing: Tears Let Me Begin to Speak With My
; and, Wild Self Real Self: Write Your Voice of Healing and Strength.
She has been interviewed by media around the world. Margot is the
Founder of The Sawbonna Project for Living Justice and a Member of
The National Association for Poetry Therapy.
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