Published August 17, 2020

Ancient Fingers

by Despina Alexopoulos
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
Toronto Poetry Magazine - "Ancient Fingers" by Despina Alexopoulos
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Ancient Fingers

Columns like three ancient fingers
pushing up, among
stringy and decrepit olive trees,
accented by majestic cypress,
pointing at the sky.

The rocks Herodotus mentioned
now numbered pieces,
serving as seats for tired tourists,
who pose
like gods and goddesses,
being careful not to include
modern inventions
in camera frames.

Born in Toronto, Despina Alexopoulos started writing poetry at a very
young age. Those early poems illustrated a desire to experience the
world. As a result, after finishing university in Toronto she moved to
Europe for almost a decade and has been travelling ever since.
Despina continues to tell stories in Toronto through a variety of
mediums including painting. Most of these can be found on Instagram

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