Published September 14, 2020

The Souvenir

by Marion Leeper
(Cambridge, England)
UK Poetry Magazine - "The Souvenir" by Marion Leeper
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The Souvenir

Moss, dry as embroidery silk,
threaded with twists of dead grass,
stays green as that puddle-filled day when you
splashed through mud and pattered on wet brown leaves,
while I followed you through child-high holes in the undergrowth
to find the green-coated oak at the wood’s edge,
a place to lean, among flickers of spring sun.

The dog nosed our hands, wondering when we were going
to chase her through this paradise of smells;
but you sat heavy on my knee eating - slowly - a cheese sandwich
while I told you stories hoping you would
drift to sleep in the sun.

The warmth of you
melted through my coat, telling me that this moment was
now, the newest and most important of all the moments,
woven of cloud and sun and the silent shoots
biding their time under leafmould,
and softness of moss against my back.

(for my granddaughter, April 2020)

Marion Leeper is a poet and purveyor of stories and tall tales based
in Cambridge, UK.  She fell into poetry when she was elected Bard
of Cambridge for a year and has been happily drowning ever since.
She has written on storytelling in education, and toured storytelling
shows around the UK and beyond.  Her poems have appeared in
The Fenland Reed, In Other Words anthologies for Allographic
Press, and
Earth, We Are Listening for Slice of the Moon Books.

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