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Morning proceeds, not rushing nor slowing for me to awaken from my
When I do arise the thought of nothingness and cease of activity
  increases the sloth within me.
Away from the dredges of toil, this small margin of comfort will be
Youth, screaming, shouting, jovial noises beyond the window, odes of
  innocence emphasizing this day of rest.
Lingering through the passages of the house, sweet aromas of roasted
potatoes, succulent chicken oozing from its core, the juicy and steam-
  filled vegetables teasing my senses with promises of opulence.
A dark palette of grey encloses the space within the sky, the birds fly
  south, the youth disperse one by one, dusk enters.
Temperatures begin to dwindle as does the serene mood, almost an
  alliance forged to inspire bleak and dread.
A cup of Darjeeling, my warmth to fight the cold.
Slumber awaits again, I embrace the covers, reunited with a long lost
  companion, at last, I drift away and in spectacular irony, I sleep the
  sleep of tranquillity only to awaken time later to a reality where
  peace has subsided and the toil begins once more.

My name is Thomas Mitchell. I have been writing for three years. I first
discovered the joy of writing whilst studying acting at college, with
written work included in my assignments, I found passion in the written
word and as time went on, I began to garner more and more enthusiasm.
Currently, my writing includes 3 novels, a dozen short stories and the
same amount in poetry, unpublished at the moment. My writing
inspirations include Jack Kerouac, John Berryman, and Raymond

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Published December 31, 2020

Featured Local Poet


by Thomas Mitchell
(Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK)
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