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A Study in Violet

This treasure house of objets d’art
Littered with plots and storylines
A room encrusted with jewels of history
Inviolate – and undisturbed.

Over there, a military tunic
Blue – and in such fine condition.
Pale lapels perhaps too remote or innocent
Of its vile ‘let them have it’ past.

Here, an abandoned symphony
Black notes pebbledash the page.
Written for that ancient violin, no…
Viol. Late Belle Epoch I think.

That leather book I recognise
An ancient asset register.
And with such work of reference
Identify - a little more.

A philtre or monk’s cure perhaps.
Or poison, used to sway an empire.
Something forensic science may analyse
This phial – let it keep its secret.

Here, a scroll. Homeric tragedy?
Greek, according to the words.
Those old strange symbols, faded now
A ‘Phi’ or letter ‘P’ – I’m sure.

I cannot touch nor be considered
A robber, loose in a dusty tomb.
Caught in the torchlight, gold in hand
Say ‘Fie!’ – or let him go.

This treasure is too much for anyone
To really own. To hide away.
Bequeathed to me but never really mine.
Something Auntie Violet always knew.

Howard Osborne: I am a part-time writer of poetry and short stories (and
have also completed several scripts). Among the former I have had a few
poems published as well as a published author of a non-fiction reference
book and several scientific papers many years ago. I am a UK citizen
married to an American and living in UK, recently retired and maintain
wide interests in writing, playing music, and travel.

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Previously published in
UK Poetry Magazine:
"That Garden Was About Twenty Feet Square" by Cathy Bryant.

Published May 4, 2020

Poets of the UK Contest #1 - First Place

A Study in Violet

by Howard Osborne
(West Yorkshire, England, UK)
Outside Canada & USA
$10 USD
$10 CAD
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