Published August 17, 2020


by Sparky TKO
(Bedford, England)
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0745 connection early bird.
Adrenaline carries in absence of caffeine.
Through the chute my lifeline,
I trust to reunite with her in SLO.

Embryonic barricades,
I wonder whether obstacles worth conquering.
Who can question our integrity
When driven here by brutality, suspicion and medical models.

Late spring, seasonal barometers swaying like pendulums of fate.
Khyber navigate through narrow cracks of clarity,
With no reward, no praise or grace
In the face of ascension.

Time for lies,
Time for Lou,
Time for low,
Time will flow.

Evidence has rarely held much currency.
My potent goblin king ushers me down his labyrinth,
Informed it’s for protection –
From whom? Myself, of course!

Sparky TKO is a poet, musician and performance artist from Bedford.
Their poetic themes range from romance, civil rights, queerness,
gender and stigma around mental health and neurodiversity, to their
fascination with everyday objects, trivia and triviality. Sparky delivers
their work under a self-described "cabaret punk" umbrella, and has
performed at PBH Free Fringe, Camden Fringe and Bedfringe, with
three self-written shows,
A Year in Sixty Minutes, Mansplaining,
and Welsh America.  

Examples of Sparky TKO's writing:
Sparky's tweetprint:

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