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US Poetry Magazine - "Afro-Latina" by Vasti Carrion
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The white man thought I was funny,
It was not something I’d said,
I am sure.
It was not something I did,
I am sure.
But the white man thought I was funny,
He dissected my face
with his scalpel eyes,                 
my face is like a math equation
they have to solve,
Trying to make sense
of a wonderous face.
Are faces meant to be made sense of?
Maybe a face like mine is.
He often directed his gaze,
Wondering what many have wondered,
And not with the kindest of wonders,
“What are you?”
Not a man-made creation,
I am sure.
a critter born from
a science lab.
I am sure.
Just a human, like you.
My existence is like the convergent of
tectonic plates,
unifying cultures and histories,  
I’m a whole new map,
born from Pangea,
skin so light you wouldn’t think I’m black,
yet blackness seeps through  my skin
It calls with trumpeted glory
that refuses to hide,
My nose, textured hair
and lips,
Will proudly announce:
A dark skin sisterene
lives within me.

My name is Vasti Carrion and I am a published poet in two poetry
Intensity, and Beyond Words. My journalism experience
stems from articles published in
Latinitas Magazine in where I focused
mainly in arts and culture. I am currently in the process of founding my
own newspaper,
The California Poppy Times. You can learn more
about me in my social media: Un_poeme.

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Previously published in
US Poetry Magazine:
"I Can't Stand" by Wendy Lee Klenetsky.
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Published December 31, 2020

Featured Local Poet


by Vasti Carrion
(Pacoima, California, USA)
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