Published September 21, 2020

First Place: Poets of the USA Contest #2

I Can't Stand

by Wendy Lee Klenetsky
(Freehold, New Jersey, USA)
US Poetry Magazine - "I Can't Stand" by Wendy Lee Klenetsky
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I Can't Stand

I can’t stand clipping coupons every week all by myself,
and, as if by some unwritten law, I leave them on the shelf.
I can’t stand going to the store, and trying to find a spot,
and, inevitably, it will always be the furthest on the lot.
I can’t stand going to the deli and taking a number, see,
'cause if the number called is 41,
my ticket says 93.
I can’t stand checking all the labels for cholesterol, fat, and salt,
'cause (even) if I buy them, no one will try them, so it really isn't my fault.
I can’t stand check-out lines, 7 miles long, and checkers who don't know
 the prices
of cans, jars and boxes of pickles and loxes and use electronic devices.
I can’t stand the way that the groceries are bagged, that is
when I've finally
got 'em;
all the cheeses and hash will inevitably mash,
and the eggs will be placed on the bottom.
I can’t stand the shopping cart, laden with bags,
and whose wheels, at the exit doors, stop,
and what I must then push, causing ice cream to mush,
and whatever's piled highest to drop.
So I think I've made clear, 'least you get the idea,
that my shopping days get out of hand,
but I've finally returned to the peace that I've earned,
and I sit...
'cause I really can’t stand!!!

Wendy Lee Klenetsky: I’m the 69-year-old wife (46 years) of a great guy,
and mom of 2 fabulous girls (married 11 weeks apart in ’13). Until old
age kicked in, I was a 20-year-league bowler who scored a 259 clean
game/630 series. All that means is I was GREAT for 1 day out of 20

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