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Low Visibility

I lose visibility,
others looking
An imprint of a specter,
floating on heavy limbs that creak and moan,
rattling rusty chains that weigh down.
Staring in the mirror, visibility returns as
fluorescents highlight
             deep grooves etched in furrowed husk,
             hooded eyes shrouding hazy contours,
             carmine tributaries snaking through derma wasteland,
             scarred follicles uprooting,
             effulgent crown catching and refracting traitorous light.
No one sees me, not even
my own two eyes.
They see someone else:
my grandmother’s silhouette, faded and fused
             [drooping patchwork]
an old neighbor shuffling down her drive, treading sludge
             [deformed decrepitude]
a withered prune of a stranger, sucked dry to her marrow
             [piercing obsolescence]
dismissed and forgotten
as if she doesn’t even exist.

That woman doesn’t exist.

I stare at the image
and tell her
to slide through the looking glass and disappear.
No one will notice,
not even me.

K. Miller has a PhD in English Studies, lives in the Midwest, is currently
learning Italian, and can be found on Twitter

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Previously published in
US Poetry Magazine:
"Lathyrus Sativus" by Shelby Parks

Published May 11, 2020

Poets of the USA Contest #1 - First Place

Low Visibility

by K. Miller
(Culver, Indiana, USA)
Outside Canada & USA
$10 USD
$10 CAD
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