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up on level 9

a small wet child with slicked back hair
lifting wings, spreading them
out on hot pavement
a dragonfly revves and
up at the sun it lifts
wings spread out once again
crumpled in the cold fluoro-stairwell lights
I see you
no more wings to spread
no more ‘squitos to catch
a death so small a hundred feet pass by
your crunchy body I take
gentle, gently
I take your body and bring it back to earth
even a small death can be an offering to
the rain    

Melanie Friedman is a Canadian poet, performance artist and medical
student. Her works revolves around cultivating resilience through
embodiment practices.

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Previously published in
Vancouver Poetry Magazine:
Poetry by Yuan Chamgming.

Published July 6, 2020

Poets of BC Contest #1 - First Place

up on level 9

by Melanie Friedman
(Richmond, British Columbia, Canada)
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Vancouver Poetry Magazine - "up on level 9" by Melanie Friedman
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