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First Place: The Weekly Poetry Contest #10

Ginger Beer

by Success Akpojotor
(Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria)
Published October 1, 2017
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Ginger Beer

by Success Akpojotor

You look down on me because I'm epicene;
and my gender is not in your Account Opening Form.
You hiss at me and mutter, ‘ginger beer’!
because you sit in that teller box
and count money that you can never have
in your lifetime?
Who do you think you are? A banker? No, you're a
customer information servant - yes!
You're not a banker: you don't have
what it takes - I dare say!

You think you're the
shit because
you know everyone’s net -
but wait, there will soon be a piggy bank revolution.
That day draws nigh. And I know you're
not equipped because you can't even mine a Bitcoin.
Do you even know what a Satoshi is?
I'm sorry, you don't.

‘I hate diesel dykes,’ you grouch when my sister
donned in her Rainbow joins the queue and you
do nothing but punch your QWERTY? -
the keyboard is not even yours.
It belongs to the real banker
whom you're his servant - oops!
I know that hurts, but truth is bitter.

Let's eat: the real banker doesn't
even know your name.
He loves his dog more than you.
Does he even love you?
If you drop dead, he'll replace you.
He won't even know you dropped dead.
And when I pull my money out of the bank
to save in my piggy bank. The real banker
runs at a loss because he is nothing without me.
So respect me, Mr. Banker,
quickly redesign your values and be
warm to everyone: rope in my gender
in your Account Opening Form.

Success Akpojotor  was born and raised in Benin City, Nigeria. After
graduating with a honours degree in History from the University of Benin,
he has tried his hands at a lot including attempting being a monk. He has
accepted the penance to write as the only escape route from the inner
demons that plague him as he shuttles between Benin City and Lagos
Island. His works have been featured in Nigerian Observer, Poets Reading
The News, Praxis Magazine, Tuck Magazine, among others.
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