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First Place: The Weekly Poetry Contest #17

A Cowboy Has a Hat On

by Don Hamaliuk
(St. Albert, Alberta, Edmonton)
Published November 19, 2017
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A Cowboy Has a Hat On

by Don Hamaliuk

A cowboy has a hat on, or a ring around his head
The way he roams and hobbles, it seems he’s nearly dead
And don’t go trying to rile him, about the way he cooks
Those beans are good for 14 days, no matter how it looks

His snuffbox may be showing, on a pocket of his shirt
It may be copenhagen and taste like flavored dirt
But the taste of it’s addictive and part of cowboy life
And may be one more reason, he doesn’t kiss his wife

He understands his horses and the cows he calls by name
And the 7 second bull ride, is his favorite cowboy game
His name may not be common, like George or Don or William
But a real authentic cowboy would be Chester, Matt or Dylan

His life is plain and simple and he don’t take no guff
Has no use for politicians and will always call their bluff
Cowboys are a lonely bunch and known for their persistence
If you see him struggling some, you’d better keep your distance

Don Hamaliuk, is a retired electrician, who lives in St. Albert, Alberta,
Canada with his wife Joan. He has always included a poem for other’s
birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, retirements, but he started writing
regularly just after retirement in Feb/2016. His imagination soars when it
comes to daily thoughts and activities, so that is what he writes most about.
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