"Christmas Time is Different" by Don Hamaliuk - Winner - Weekly Poems
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Winner: The Weekly Poetry Contest #23

Christmas Time is Different

by Don Hamaliuk
(St. Albert, Alberta, Canada)
Published December 31, 2017
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Christmas Time is Different

by Don Hamaliuk

Christmas time is different, it now comes twice a year
More time for celebration, with family that is near
We’ve created another life style, in our golden years
Fitting in some southern seniors, as we’re shifting gears

We’ll gather in October, with our loved ones in the north
Then avoid the hustle and bustle, of travel back and forth
So we’ll be in Arizona, when Santa comes to call
Basking in the sunshine and dancing in the hall

We’ll be thinking of our family, freezing in the snow
Slippin’ and a slidin’, everywhere they go
We’ll check them out on facetime, to make sure nothing’s wrong
And join them in a chorus, of their favorite Christmas song

Tell us that you’ll miss us, but that won’t make us stay
We’ll see you in the springtime, not that far away
Or come to Arizona and we’ll show you why we’re here
You can join us in our happy hour and share our Christmas cheer

Don Hamaliuk, a father and grandfather, is a retired property manager, who
lives in St. Albert, Alberta, Canada with his wife Joan. He has always included
a poem for other’s birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, retirements, but he
started writing regularly just after retirement in Feb/2016. His imagination soars
when it comes to daily thoughts and activities, so that is what he writes most
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