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Winner: The Weekly Poetry Contest #21

The Bards Switch On Two Hotspots at Dawn

by Nureni Ibrahim
(Lagos, Nigeria)
Published December 17, 2017
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The Bards Switch On Two Hotspots at Dawn

by Nureni Ibrahim

The bards switch-on two hotspots at dawn.

The first was a
masquerade of history
that whipped us into halls of shames
of cowboys
irritated by other networks that
crawled through thatched huts
and sat on murky mats with swords
on their hearts. Swords accompanied
with hurricane of fire and the
coal of silence that burnt our tales
and chew it before

the morning dew.

The second was a password of morning
breeze. The insolent whirlwind breathing acids or
the downpour that broke potsherds
to hatch the withering sprouts stretching
their arrows

to the hot half-sun. They had

lost the remaining half when oil was
blood, chanting the lyrics of war
to sustain the better half
while keeping malice with the
moon for lightening their
ancestral foes
when the gods are only
a union of
red, black, green and a small half-sun
that dotted the sky.

And behind the second hotspots were heavy storms
covered with the cows on the road
when blood was water that
budded the farmyard.

The bards switch-on two hotspots at dawn.

But, their verses could not understand
the culture of hush. The cricket ones
that seized the voices, songs, knives,
swords, cutlasses, machetes, and arrows
when Zion is an antidote

to the droning bellies.    

Nureni Ibrahim writes from somewhere in Nigeria. He has published works
in Africanization and Americanization Anthology, Poets in Nigeria Journal,
Best New African Poets 2016 Anthology and lots more.
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