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First Place: The Weekly Poetry Contest #4

Productive Life

by Boris Kokotov
(Baltimore, Maryland, USA)
Published August 6, 2017

Productive Life

by Boris Kokotov

Their ears are plugged-in
so they could listen to music of any kind:
rock, pop, jazz, country, even classic if one wishes,
and to talk-shows and other aggravating sounds.

Their eyes are plugged-in
so they could see pictures and photographs,
watch movies and TV programs except news and Survivor
since  nothing is new under the Sun and nothing survives.

Their nostrils are plugged-in
so they could smell thousands of fragrances:
flowers, sophisticated perfumes, the scent of the ocean.
They also may smell a rat and often they smell blood.

Their mouth is plugged-in
so they could taste food and beverages
of every conceivable cuisine. Many prefer Mediterranean.
Technically they're capable of singing but no one tried.

Their male/female port is plugged-in,
immune to computer-transmitted diseases.
They're  entitled to have an orgasm, once a year --
the celebration known as The Perturbation Day.

Their anus is plugged permanently,
which is certainly the overkill given the fact
that no substance could emerge from this dead end
and only a small number of objects could be inserted.

Their skin, however, is exposed,
shamelessly naked. They're  sweating profusely.
The precious fluid gets harvested -- hence they're bound
to enjoy a long and productive life.

Boris Kokotov was born in Moscow, Russia. Currently he lives in Baltimore.
He writes poems and short stories in Russian and English languages. He is
the author of several poetry collections. He also translated selected poems
of German Romantics and contemporary American poets to Russian
language. His work appeared in periodicals, most recently in
Allegro, The
Bewildering Stories
, Boston Poetry Magazine, Constellations, Chiron
, The Lake, The Muse, and Entropy.
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