"To the Hand of a Horror" Novelist by Colin Virgines
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Winner: The Weekly Poetry Contest #22

To the Hand of a Horror Novelist

by Colin Virgines
(Thousand Oaks, California, USA)
Published December 24, 2017
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To the Hand of a Horror Novelist

by Colin Virgines

Write me! accursed hand
Ease your angst for it will command
Our stories in you to unfold
of horrors you fear left untold
Your only risk, to frighten man

Your ghouls and ghost remain unplanned;
disease-plagued worlds to fill The Stand,
Bridgton Mist, and the Shining’s cold
Write me! accursed hand

Of what we could be, fright demands
shifting thoughts lost in hallowed sands
Rejoice the world’s gift, fate had sewed  
With this pen, loose and in control
I say to you in soft romance
Write me, accursed hand.

My name is Colin Virgines and I’m a student at California Lutheran
University. I’ve been writing short stories since the beginning of my
freshman year of high school. Poetry has always been something I’ve been
interested and I have recently been writing more and more. Presented here
is a rondeau I wrote. I hope you enjoy and thank you for reading my poem.
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