"Childish Dreams" by Malek J. Zuraikat - Winner - Weekly Poems
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Winner: The Weekly Poetry Contest #20

Childish Dreams

by Malek J. Zuraikat
(Irbid, Jordan)
Published December 10, 2017
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Childish Dreams

by Malek J. Zuraikat

Colossal dwarfs which dwell
In children’s crawling dreams
Will fall. That day no drums
Shall yell for war, and all
Chill throats that croon for fame
Will quit. These reckless fears,
All pungent moans and tears
That craft your mortal frame
Will die. The still world chants
Cocked guns—captains of war
And filled-up-with-bones waste
Where death haunts horded routes
And ports. Yet children cry that love
won't flee, won't quit, won't strand
Our infant dreams of a land
Where chameleons bugs forgive.      

Malek J. Zuraikat is a professor of English poetry at Yarmouk University.
He is well-versed in medieval English poetry and a critic of modern as well
as contemporary English poetry. Thus, his poetry responds to both schools
and masters of English poetry from its beginning to present. His poems
reflect vivid images of life and society, in an attempt to highlight some
universal themes like love, hope, and mercy.
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