"The Blizzard Within" by Hannah Anderson - Winner - Weekly Poems
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Winner: The Weekly Poetry Contest #28

The Blizzard Within

by Hannah Anderson
(Genola, Utah, USA)
Published February 4, 2018
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The Blizzard Within

by Hannah Anderson

A horde of white, the heartless soldiers
Beautiful and cold
Marching down, my heart is sinking
low, with the falling snow

I stare ahead through tunnels of time
The heat drains fast; too cold to survive
Too cold to shiver
too cold to breathe
Frozen in the stone

So different in the dark
The light comes on -- it's all familiar
Different, but the same

An army of jagged paper snowflakes
attacks my throat as I inhale
Paper cuts
White monsters on the wind

A light ahead -- the tunnel breathes
Opening, constricting
Reach for the light and
touch it, grasping
But it's searing cold

It hurts; it burns and chills
I'm frozen
in flight
But still the army marches
Surging, ever drifting

Through the blizzard in my mind.

Hannah Anderson was less than nine years old when she began writing for
the pure joy of it. Though she is in her late teens now, she still loves writing
and has the same -- if not more -- passion for it. She classifies herself as a
"young aspiring author", and takes every opportunity possible to write.
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