"The Redefinition (To a Girl Who Thought She Was Smart)" by Meighan Leigh Freiling
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Winner: The Weekly Poetry Contest #29

The Redefinition (To a Girl Who Thought She Was Smart)

by Meighan Leigh Freiling
(Lake Forest, California, USA)
Published February 18, 2018
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The Redefinition (To a Girl Who Thought She Was Smart)

For Justin James

by Meighan Leigh Freiling

Under these circumstances
the word
never becomes quite a thing
I think never is over used
He never does this or she never thought that
It loses its sharp edges in the high drama of absolutes
But cast with this new light, never becomes a blunt instrument
As it dispassionately reshapes how my mind defines it
Introducing me to the finality of its truth

I will never feel another one of your bear hugs
I will never get hit by a pillow you tossed at me with a laugh
I will never feel you rest your elbow atop my head -- a clear taunt about my
Or have you mess my hair then quickly dart out of arms reach
You won’t be at my sons birthdays or graduations or weddings
We won’t get to see the aurora borealis and stay in an igloo
Or talk about your perception of the universe
and how it baffles me you get every question on Jeopardy right
All of these things went with you
These and a phrase that I took too much for granted --
"meet my big bro"

Yes, the word never becomes quite a thing when it’s properly defined

Meighan Leigh Freiling is a mom and poet living in Southern California with
her two sons. Her work has been published via Word Riot, 3 am magazine,
Bellesprit and the Green Heart Call. She is the author of one published
chapbook entitled 'Gravity.'
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