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Winner: The Weekly Poetry Contest #24

Light Returns

by T. L. Murphy
(Canmore, Alberta, Canada)
Published January 7, 2018
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Light Returns

by T. L. Murphy

Failing sun
fell below world’s edge
and night
swarmed in on old rumors

shadows long
behind grey stone
thin as cold fire
touched to underbrush
from palms of sightless messengers

down drift
down alleys and forgotten lanes
toward the back of town
through battered fences
and around a clapboard shed
with a worn-out slogan from the war
swinging on a rusted nail
in moon’s eternal darkness

crawling inch by feel
on frozen ground
when a quick tongue
licked a leafless tree
straight and still
and sparked blue pale

from room to room
wood grain to yellow walls
igniting branch to lifeless twig
in blazing splendor
then at once to dusk again
until tomorrow’s brief
but long awaited beacon.

Written on Christmas day, the poem reminds us that even in dark times,
the globe continues to spin, and darkness inevitably gives way to the sliver
of light that grows stronger each day. T. L. Murphy is a carpenter, skier,
and mountain biker living in Canmore, Alberta, Canada.  He has published
poetry, fiction and non-fiction in a variety of journals and anthologies.
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