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Winner: The Weekly Poetry Contest #27

The Horizon

by Sameed Sayeed
(Dallas, Texas, USA)
Published January 28, 2018
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The Horizon

by Sameed Sayeed

Across the boundless distance lies a line,
within the line of sight to just be clear
enough to recognize the telltale sign
of its existence– blissful, bright, benign–
where earth and sky align then disappear.

However, should we make attempts to near
it, we, bemused and dwindling in delight,
find that, regardless of the time of year,
regardless of the routes in which we steer
ourselves, regardless even of our might,

and patience, at the furthest point of sight,
this wondrous wonder would forever stay,
amidst that mystic screen of solar light,
it’s transcendental entranceway shut tight,
as though to keep we mortal souls at bay.

Thus are we drawn to wonder day by day
what wonder lies beyond this sight of bliss.
Perhaps life’s mysteries are on display.
Perhaps the once-upon-a-times we pay.
A visit to whatever we reminisce;

Perhaps our views have ever been amiss,
and Heaven’s gates were never in the sky
amidst the stars, but are instead past this
sublimity fixed in an endless kiss
with land and sky, among what treasures lie.

Profoundly hidden from the naked eye.
and yet, to merely gaze at it is fine,
for never need we wait until we die
to find eternity– we also by  
that moment’s gaze may find it in this line.

Though seen no longer at the day’s decline,
’twill ever be a wonder most divine:
the ever mystical Horizon Line.

My name is Sameed Sayeed, and I developed a love for writing at a very
young age. I am fifteen years old, and unlike my peers, I enjoy going to my
school where I am instructed to do my passion, writing. One day, I hope to
be an inspiration to all young and aspiring authors around the world.
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