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Winner: The Weekly Poetry Contest #31

a bird to a cage

by Hui Sun
(Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
Published March 4, 2018
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a bird to a cage

by Hui Sun

let the bird go
so the cage can win freedom
they always say so
neither of us follows

mind passing me the key
so i can melt it
fashioning it into a ring

which you could plant on
my bleak finger
(the one my mother tongue refuses
to name)
to grow a pair of wings

which allows us to fly together

over the branches we rest
we scatter dreams  
to console the moonless stars
and keep the starless moon company

we take to the air at dawn
fading into the sunlight

Hui Sun writes poetry, short story, prose, and essay. They have appeared
or are forthcoming in
Let’s Fly Away, Wordspin, Wax Poetry and Art, and
some Chinese leading newspapers and magazines. She lives in Calgary
and is actively involved in local writing community.
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